Personality Test- What type of teacher does this make me?

My personality type is a Consul. Consuls are extroverts, well-liked, enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organizers of social gatherings and they do their best to make sure everyone is happy. Consuls are altruists and like to do the right thing, but also know that people come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives, so we need to take this into account but also what “seems right” isn’t always the absolute truth. They love to be of service to others and like to talk with and support others. They dislike conflict, and also struggle with criticism and disagreement, but know it is a part of life. But most of all, Consuls are role models.

How being a Consul is an advantage to being a social studies teacher. I am a role model for my students. I value different perspectives while also acknowledging absolute truth. I am social and can connect with almost anyone. I am very loyal and will never give up on my students. I have a strong sense of duty so I will not stop until the job of teaching social studies is done to the best of my ability. I am focused on practical skills that my students can use in their own lives outside the classroom. This is very helpful in a social studies classroom.

How being a Consul is a disadvantage to being a social studies teacher. Although I’m a social studies teacher, Consuls care deeply about their social status. This has always been a difficult thing for me as a teacher, I like being liked. But I have been accepting that bettering my students will come at a price, the price of not being liked but being respected at times and perhaps liked later. I am not in this job to make friends, but to foster learning. If students are critical of me, that can be devastating to me. I will want to work tirelessly to make sure their criticisms are heard and acknowledged but in reality as a teacher, I need to be confident in my teaching style. However, this will be difficult in my first couple years teaching when I am still developing my style. I should always hear others criticisms though so I can better myself. Finally I am too selfless, I will want to help every student after school or before school, and this could burn me out. I need to find that balance of helping my students succeed, as well as take care of myself!


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