Social Change in Media

One explicit social change that I would like to see in the world is people listening to each other and having an open mind about different opinions and perspectives. Because in the end, our perspectives are based on our past experiences, and everyone has had different past experiences. To use a quote, “The biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply.” This is incredibly problematic and gets us no where. People need to start having dialogues, we don’t do that in our country anymore. The political polarization I believe is both a cause and effect of this lack of understanding and listening in our country.

This election cycle has caused me to reflect on how I view things and how I live up to what I say I want to be. I considered myself open minded, but would quick to judge a trump supporter as “racist, ignorant, or uneducated.” Reflecting on this makes me see how incredibly problematic this was. As a friend said, “if you do not engage wit those whose beliefs contradict your own then you’re guilty of the same ignorance you accuse others of demonstrating” This statement could not have been more true. I need to listen before I reply. Generalizing trump supporters as those three things listed above is equally as problematic as Trump generalizing Mexicans in the United States.

Beginning as a citizen, I need to LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND people who have had different past experiences and have different political views. I need to stop looking at Facebook honestly! This article was completely on point, I go on Facebook to see what I want to see. I rarely come across an article that has a dissenting opinion. I need to have discussions with people that support Trump. Since the election, I have opened up an incredibly different perspective of President Trump that is more hopeful. As a teacher, I want to have thoughtful and productive discussions, debates, and socratic seminars about political, social, and economic issues so students learn to understand different opinions and learn to have a discussion instead of an argument. There is a fine line there. I also want them to learn that because you disagree with someone, does NOT MAKE THEM YOUR ENEMY. Progressives like myself need to stop taking the moral high ground and believning their perspectives are morally right while conservatives are morally wrong. That mindset guides us in the opposite direction of progress and goes against what progressives are trying to do entirely.


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