ELL Lesson Plan

Contextualizing key vocabulary- This is huge, I will contextualize the words of revolution, estate, clergy, and nobility. With the powerpoint open and me teaching, I will stop at these words and begin to contextualize them. I would first give the definition using simple words, use the word in multiple sentences, and use synonyms to describe them. I just hope I would have enough time to do that! However, I must make time, because these words are crucial to understanding the lesson

Integration of language skills- this is important and definitely doable in my lesson. Since my whole class is ELL students, I will have a community and safe environment for sharing out loud and not being afraid of failing. I will have a couple students read off the powerpoints, maybe have all students write one entire slide in their notes (perhaps the slide on the causes). Have students talk to each other, on top of just listening to me lecture.

Assessment of lesson objectives- This is a great tool. With using thumbs up or down, I will know if there is something they need more time on or if they understand. Students will not be afraid to have a thumbs down. This encompasses a larger adaptation I could do we constantly talking to my students and working through the text with them, acting it out as much as possible or show videos so it is easier to understand


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