Distorted Maps, How Damaging?

  1. This Map is from Geology.com from made in 2007 and definitely was made in the United States after looking at their website. Western Language to this map
  2. This map is distorted because it puts Western democracies like the United States and Europe almost at the center of the map. It all northern countries down when they are really more north. From the look of this map. The equator could go right through Florida or even the bottom of Spain when in reality the equater goes through middle Africa and Northern South America. Also Greenland is about the same size as Africa according to this map, however, it is proven that 17 Greenland’s could fit inside Africa! The map was meant to tell the story of the dominance of northern countries by making them look bigger and also bringing them down to the center of the map.
  3. I would say the Mollweide projection of the world map is the most accurate. I say this because it actually considers that Earth is a globe and not just a flat map and the map represents its globe shape. It also depicts the actual size of Greenland which is the first indicator for me if it is accurate. I also know that the U.S could fit easily in teh top half of Africa and this map seems to show that. This map also shows the equator which is really helpful! Mollweide is hands down the most accurate as 2D maps can get

Image result for map of the world


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