Autism and Teaching

  1. Societal perspectives on autism has changed drastically in the last 50 years. Although once seen as a problem of lack of medical help/examination or parental support, more nuance has been added to discussion on what exactly autism is and where it ends up on the “spectrum.” Autism is not something that can be cured through medical treatment. It is important as educators to be mindful of students with autism as they may learn in different ways than students without autism. These students might need more 1:1 attention in the classroom
  2. This is a valid critique that Fourcault is arguing. Medicalization is a huge problem for students, not only for students with autism, but all students. The video we watched on Thursday showed that more students are given medicine for not being able to pay attention. When kids can’t fit into the system of education, they are recommended for medicine and I believe this is problematic. A lot of autistic students and students without autism are often prescribed medicine when it is simply isn’t necessary.

The pharmaceutical  companies hold tremendous power in our country via political lobbying. They charge the highest rates for prescription drugs in the industrialized world and make billions of dollars annually. Because they have so much money, they are able to poor large amounts of money to political candidates that will protect their industry. Our country is becoming more and more medicated while getting more and more ripped off. People of all ages are paying these prices, including children. It is outrageous how much social and political power these industries have and in certain ways we need to de-medicalize our country.


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